Trip to the Frank Kanton by Alexander Spack in May 2009

3. Hussenbach, now Linevo

This street marks the outskirts of Hussenbach before WWII.

The Volga German colony of Hussenbach was established in 1767. Its official Russian name before the Soviets came to power in 1917 was Linevo Ozero. After the Volga German area has been granted the status of a Soviet Autonomous Republic in the 1920s, the village was officially known under its German name of Hussenbach. At one point before the WWII the settlement had around 7,000 inhabitants and more than 1,000 family houses. In 1935 Hussenbach became the county seat for the Frank Kanton (county). After the deportation of the local Germans in 1941, the village once again was renamed; it has been known as Linevo from now on.

This old German wooden house is situated in the Karl Liebknecht street, which used to be the very last street of the village decades ago.

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