Trip to the Frank Kanton by Alexander Spack in May 2009

1. Propp Khutor

The place where the Propp farm was once located.

Here on the outskirts of Hussenbach, now Linevo is the place where the farm of Jakov Fillipovitch Propp, aka Jakob des Philipps Propp, existed from 1908 through 1929. Jakob Propp was born in 1858 and died in 1919. Originally from Hussenbach, Jakob went to live in St.Petersburg. While there, he purchased some land near Hussenbach. Before the Revolution of 1917, the Propp family would regularly come out to visit their new place in the country and try to nicen it up. Construction of various buildings was started, and a new orchard planted on about 10 desytina of land (approx. 27 acres). Apart from the orchard, a new park with trees and flower-beds was set up alongside a small river running nearby.

In the midst of the Collectivization campaign the Propp family was stripped of their possessions by the local authorities in 1929; all their assests were given over to the newly established Stalin collective farm of the neighbouring Hussenbach. This marked the end for the settlement.

Today, the remains of the buildings which once stood at the site of the Propp Khutor are still visible. There are pieces of red brick scattered all over the site. Also, some of the trees of the old orchard have survived until today.

Jakob Propp's son Vladimir Propp (b.1895-d.1970) went on to become a well-known linguist, ethnographer, collector of folkloristic material, and literary critic.

All photos by Georgiy Spack unless otherwise noted.

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